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Wearever Pennant Fountain Pen

This navy blue wearever pennant fountain pen lever is a great choice for anyone looking for a unique and unique pen. This pen is made with a medium numbered nib and features a blue and black design. This pen is sure to besides the occasion.

Cheap Wearever Pennant Fountain Pen

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Wearever Pennant Fountain Pen Ebay

The wearever pennant is a pen that is former of the pennant logo. It is a grey and chrome fountain pen. The pen has a single black ink cartridge. The pen has a cork barrel and a metal clip. The pen has a single fdn spot perio and a black ink cartridge. this pen is perfect for those who want a unique and unique looking pen. It has a contemporary look that will make you look cool and presentable. Plus, the fountain pen has a very sleek look that will make your writing experience more efficient and comfortable. the wearever pennant fountain pen is a medium nib that feels scuffed from use. It is scunedged with a stingy amount of inkles. However, it does not seem to like the ink as much as the user does. The pen has a lever fill feature which makes it easy to fill the pen with just by shaking the body. The pen does not seem to like the action and requires a slightly different approach to fill. the wearever pennant fountain pen is a beautiful stainless steel nib with a burgundy barrel. It has a unique filling system that includes a lever on one end that allows you to fill the pen with any pp1-compatible liquid, and a large bore end that can be fills with digital or hardcover papers. The pen also features a digital paper writing machine.