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Swan Fountain Pen

This mabie todd swan fountain pen is perfect for artists or anyone who loves nature. With its mini ring top lever fill option and flower-style design, this pen is perfect for indoor or outdoor enjoyment. The pat 1904 design is classic and eye-catching, while the classic color and style make this pen feel like a classic. Whether you're taking your creative power down to a smaller scale or up, the mabie todd swan is here to stay.

Swan Fountain Pens

There's a lot to consider when choosing a fountain pen. Whether you're looking for a new toy or of old, there's a pen to fit your needs and taste. So, here's a look at five of our favorites. The fantaisie this pen is both stylish and efficient. The fantaisie can write in any style you want, and it includes a number of other pens as well. One difference between the other three is that the fantaisie doesn't mind being used in multiple styles. The vita the vita is both stylish and writing-class-leading. It's available in a variety of nibs and styles, and it doesn't take up a lot of space. The nouve the nouve is both stylish and writing-class-leading. Theof the of is both stylish and writing-class-leading. The tournai the tournai is both stylish and writing-class-leading. each of these pens can be tailored to your liking. Choose one that's right for you and your writing needs.

Vintage Swan Fountain Pen

This is a vintage fountain pen with original 14k gold nib. It has a vintageswan pen case and is in excellent condition. It is also includes the original14k gold nib pen cap. the swan fountain pen is an excellent example of a mabie todd swan leverless fountain pen. This pen is flexible, has a great write noise, and can write in any direction. The bb - wo2. Series pens are some of the most durable and popular pens in the market. This is a beautiful swan fountain pen from antique mabie todd. It is gold filled and has a bright greenish-white nassau design on the body. The pen is also decorated with a green nassau scroll on the arms. This pen is perfect for anyone interested in old-fashioned letter writing! this wonderful swan fountain pen is from the new yorker vintage collection. It is a 14k gold nib fine pen and features a beautiful dark forest green colour. The pen is also equipped with a 14k gold nib with a natural eyed tip. This pen is a fantastic choice for any pens collection.