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Osmiroid Fountain Pen

If you're looking for a classic nouveau enameled pen from the (vintage) osmiroid fountain pen brand, this osmiroid is right at home. Made in 17625 england, it features a medium nib, elvetine barrel and ground diamond plate. It's deckled with a black hardcoating and comes with the case and warranty.


Osmiroid Fountain Pen Target

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Osmiroid Fountain Pen Walmart

The osmiroid is a vintage blue body fountain pen with a simple, modern look. It comes with an easy change nib, making it perfect for everyday use. The pen has a small capacity, so it's perfect for writing or drawing. the osmiroid fountain pen is a calligraphy pen that comes with a fountain pen cartridge. This pen has a black anodization finish and an open package design. The pen has a meeting point design that allows for easy writing. The pen has a black ink cartridge. The pen is equipped with a red ink cartridge. The pen is also equipped with acers for a case and a gmt watch. this vintage osmiroid fountain pen is a beautiful example of a pen that has been used often but still retains its condition and looks. The pen has a brown tips color and has some age but not much faith. The pen has a post-script ink and comes with a box and paper case. the osmiroid fountain pen is a pen with 3 norris capes. The pen has a black barrel and black grip. The pen has a blue ink cartridge. The pen is waterproof and has a white ink cartridge. The pen has a black grip and black barrel.