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Jinhao Fountain Pen

This converter for jinhao fountain pens is perfect for those who have other pens in mind. This one usatesconvenience nilus converter to give you the same thing from around $10 cheaper. Plus, it's a great way to get a used pen for free!

Jinhao Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are one of the most popular items you can take with you anywhere you go. They offer a great writing experience by providing the user with air-tight ink that does not fade and provides the user with a creative option to write in any position. there are all the top brands in fountain pen world and we would like to guide you on the best choices for your needs. Weipa, haha, aspen, as everyday more about you, offer high-quality pens that will make your writing experience better than ever. we hope this helps you to make the best of your fountain pen life!

Fountain Pen Jinhao

The jinhao 601 fountain pen is a very stylish and modern pen. It has a blue and arrow clip signature writing pen design and a large, bad-news-red ink cartridge. The pen features a large, bad-news-red ink cartridge and is good for writing in any color ink. this pen is a converter for the jinhao 65 slim metal fountain pen. It helps you to fit a fine nib for your pen without having to use a nib pen. The pen also has a black or silver nib black or silver converter. introducing the perfect addition to any fountain pen lineup - the ink for your 75classic tungsten steel nib jinhao fountain pen! This black ink makes for a great looking feather arrow tungsten steel nib pen, while its matte finish ensures your pen is always looking perfect. Via the tungsten steel nib it provides a high quality experience, without having to worry about changing the nib every time you need to write. The jinhao 996 metal fountain pen hooded extra fine nib is a great choice for anyone looking for a pen that will let you write very high quality ink without ever having to take your hand off the pen. This pen has a converter that helps make it easy to write with its jis-9x60 technology, and it is also just as efficient when it comes to drawing.