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Esterbrook Desk Fountain Pen

This is a great purchase for any office! The esterbrook feed matic desk set with pen on chain is perfect for your office. It has a great design and is perfect for taking notes in class or working on your workbook. Plus, the pen on chain allows for quick and easy access to your new stock desk set.

Esterbrook Desk Fountain Pen Target

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Esterbrook Desk Fountain Pen Walmart

This is a great opportunity to have a vintage esterburch desk fountain pen with a esterburch 2556 nib. The pen is in great condition and offers a great addition to any desk. this is a very nice original esterbrook desk fountain pen. This is has all the bells and whistles of an original pen, including the blackclear ink that is so important for an original workpiece. The pen has the 1503 writing speed and the blackclear is just right for an original. There is a small scuff on the barrel but it is not significant. The pen works perfectly and is just the right amount of light-weight and comfortable to use. This is a great original desk fountain pen that is back to original condition and is a great addition to any collection. this estherbrook desk fountain pen set comes with a desk blotter pen, a pen to write in indigo sky, and a pen with a uintastone pen cap. It also includes a deskril pen, a pen to write in midge, this is a great set of two fountain pens at a great price. The desk is made of paper with a black paperweight holder on it. The pens are white and have a black ink cartridge. The pen case has a yellow bag to it for each pen, and a black ink cartridge. The desk is also covered in paper, with a white paperweight holder on the back of the pen case. This is a great set for the desk, or for using at home.